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  • Marco Montuori
    Marco MontuoriFounder, Training and Consulting director

    One of the top consultant for Pinsa Romana, he travel the world and helped succeed a variety of businesses. He also trained many students that work now at high level in the sector.

  • Luca Bucciarelli
    Luca BucciarelliFounder, Marketing director

    Passionate, Pinsa Romana and web marketing expert, he manage to find the right balance in the two different worlds.He wrote a training book about Pizza and he is Secretary general of Associazione Originale Pinsa Romana.

  • Cristina Cipriani
    Cristina CiprianiTraining and consultancy Supervisor

    Young and passionate about working with pinsa, she has done consultancy abroad.
    Street food Pinsa and dessert Pinsa are her specialty.

  • Mennato Pastore
    Mennato PastoreTechnical Consultant

    A very professional and passionate teacher and restaurateur.
    His pizzeria is recognized and highly prized. He takes satisfaction in sharing his knowledge with students and help their development.

  • Daniele Nicosia
    Daniele NicosiaTechnical Consultant

    He made already many professional consultings. He is a young and great worker, his great passion for Pizza led him to optimize his knowledge and become a technical consultant. He can rely on a great technique, and he is a teacher of Pinsa Romana as well.

  • Danilo Marconi
    Danilo MarconiTechnical Consultant

    Even if young he got experience as a trainer and consultant, the technique and passion are his strengths in this industry. The street food version of Pinsa Romana is his specialty with its 3D dressings and gourmet.

  • Elia Pompa
    Elia PompaInstructor and Technical Consultant

    He is a great pizza expert, specialized in Teglia Romana, with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. He owns 4 pizzerias and won many awards in several competitions. He is a consultant and teacher of Teglia Romana.

  • Tony Scalioti
    Tony ScaliotiTechnical Consultant
  • Davide D’Eramo
    Davide D’EramoTechnical Consultant

    Full of passion for his work, he studies and travels the world to continually evolve. Behind work experience in Canada. He is a specialist and professor of Roman Pizza al Taglio.


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