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Private Courses

An intensive training and completely customized for your needs where you will be observed more closely.

Our team of teachers is versatile and at your disposal to teach all the concepts and techniques of working on one or more specialty pizzas.

The private courses are available in Italian and English with the possibility to use an interpreter for other languages.

The advanced teaching system is designed to achieve optimal learning thanks to the teachers’ experience.

Addressed course topics

  • Wheat and flours
  • Dough mixture and rising techniques
  • Maturation
  • Dough ball making techniques
  • Temperature management (dough mixture, dough balls and cooking)
  • Roll out dusting (use and characteristics)
  • Roll out techniques
  • Pre-cooking phase
  • Seasoning techniques (3D, standard and street food version)
  • Cooking process depending on the oven
  • Cooking process
  • Extra: Cleaning methodology and hints of HACCP
Max seats in private room
Max day course duration

The training, in addition to allowing the trainee to learn the workings of the various products, opens up many possibilities at the working level.

Thanks to the various knowledge in the field, it is our task and commitment to advise and position the students towards the right facilities (pizzerias, restaurants, etc.).

Our course can also be useful for the future or the already businesses that want to initialize or expand their technical knowledge.

Info and Costs

Course's duration and cost

The courses are completely customizable: duration, teaching systems, and the number of products. Costs will depend on requests. To learn more you can request info for a quote using the contact form on this page.

The cost of the course includes a polo-shirt or a t-shirt with the Pinsa School logo.

Payment bank account details

Payments with Bank Transfer
UniCredit s.p.a.

Payee: Pinsa School Srls
IBAN – IT 53 B 0200805039 000104186075


Purpose of Credit Transfer: Name and Surname of Trainee, Deposit Private Course.


After making the payment, please send the data for the invoice using the contact form below.

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