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Who we are

You could summarize our story and idea with this question:

How can you maximize your service to create and train individuals professionally?

This is one of the best answers:

Let’s create a team of professional which will share their expertise exclusively to Pizza makers and restaurateur.

Our consulting team will form your staff at the premises in your own locations which need to be improved and launched.

In a few words we need the best in this field to work together to create a winning service for the clients.

This is how Pinsa School is born

An expert and strategic partner to develop your business in all aspects.


Our consulting team is specialized to a different variety of Pizza:

  • Pinsa Romana
  • Neapolitan Pizza
  • Round Pizza
  • Pan Pizza
  • Pizza in Pala
  • Gluten Free Pizza

We really care for our clients, and we treasure the wellbeing and feedback of the consumer.

We work alongside Associazione Orig. Pinsa Romana which oversees the quality control in the premises.

We have authorithy to certify and support high quality assurance to obtain the Pinseria Originale status.

A Partner that works shoulder to shoulder to help you achieve a new level of performance.


To help us with our project a partnership has been established with companies leading the market which will supply the right equipment and material to operate for our clients.

Our work in numbers:

Trained Students
Recipes for our Clients
Types of Consultancy
Days of consulting experience

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