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Here you can find answer to questions that are often made to us

What's Pinsa School goal?

Pinsa School was created to provide on-site training (advice) or at their school premises (course) of all varieties of Pizza: round, pan, Pala, Pinsa Romana and gluten free. Our goal is to better prepare the activities or the students and enable them to achieve a high quality product which is then served to the customer. All this is the basis of any project that will have a guaranteed success!

In addition to product training, we provide tools (eg. Food cost calculation, recipe book with guidance to make the recipes recommended by us and realization of the photographic menu etc.) All created by our team thanks to our experience, in order to maximize revenue and level of quality of the product that we offer.

What is our consultancy stands for?

The consulting takes place within the businesses, our specialist consultant will carry out the training in the restaurant or in the pizzeria that will require the services so that they can better advise its employees in all internal processes, also taking into account the equipment (eg. mixer and oven) already present in the premises.

The advice therefore is recommended for all those who already have a business or are about to start it with this service, our customers will receive a worksession tailored and customized to their needs.

There are 3 types of consultancy: Flash, Base and Complete.

How to apply for the consultancy?

All the information on how to book a consultancy can be requested via email: or writing to us using the contact form on the Contact page.

In order for us to reply with the best possible quote is preferable to insert in the mail a few details about your project or your business: product specification, the geographical area, the period in which you wish to request this service and possibly the type of consultancy required (Flash, basic or full).

The final payment must be made before the first day of consultation, otherwise the service will not start.As for the down payment on the other hand it is necessary to execute it so to reserve the dates and take charge of assigning the job to one of our consultants on our company calendar.

What is the difference between the flash and basic consultancy?

La consulenza flash viene realizzata in 4 giorni.

Durante la consulenza flash avviene una formazione incentrata sul prodotto da realizzare: impasto, palline, stesura, cenni sui condimenti e cottura.

La consulenza base (6 giorni) oltre a rilasciare gli insegnamenti della consulenza flash è più completa dal punto di vista business/imprenditoriale dell’attività, rilasciamo nozioni sui condimenti gourmet e inoltre mettiamo a disposizione il nostro ricettario di gusti delle pizze con il calcolo del food cost che permette di ottimizzare il guadagno del 20-30% l’anno (cifra stimata grazie a riscontri dei nostri clienti). Realizziamo inoltre il menu fotografico in HD completo anche di calorie e valori nutrizionali per ogni pizza (compreso nel prezzo della consulenza).

What is the course?

We realize courses directed by leading experts in the industry and we are the only ones to make a specific course on Pinsa Romana.

The course is recommended for those who want to start or improve the skill of Pizzaiolo or Pinsaiolo or for those who plan to open a shop the near future and want to already establish good technical and theoretical basis.

Our courses are intensive and are carried out in 5 days.

The course of Pinsa Romana is our exclusive and is organized on a quarterly basis.

How do you sign up for the course?

Before attending this course Reservations are required so as to insure a place (over a limited number).

The reservation is made by paying the withholding rate.The final balance must be paid before the first day of the course, otherwise the student will not be able to start training.

What is released at the end of the course or the Consulting Service?

After every consultation the certificate by Pinsa School is given to use in the premises and for individual purposes.

At the end of the course will receive a certificate Pinsa School with the name of the participant.

Certificates with Pinsa School logos keep their value thanks to the name that is building in the sector. We also cooperate in direct contact with the company Di Marco, leader for decades in the flour industry and inventor of the Pinsa Romana.

What are the recommended equipment to use when making Pinsa Romana?

For the realization of the Pinsa Romana we always recommend a spiral mixer with double speed and high quality electric oven that is able to keep the temperature constant even after many hours of baking.

A very good Pinsa can also be realized by not using these instrument as the above , in this case it is even more important to the precision in the making and the knowledge of all the possible problems.

As we work with our partners?

The partners will be able to see and experience on siteand will become part of our family and have our highest support regarding the quality of services offered.

Many of our partners after months of tests and studies have designed and implemented together with us of Pinsa School some products (ovens, canned food, mozzarella, blades, cutting boards etc.) Designed to help the restaurant owners or entrepreneurs to work in the best conditions.

This is why we have specific pages dedicated to our partners, we believe in their work and enthusiastically recommend their products to bring benefits to the food industry.

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